Van Hook Guide Service Walleye Fishing Report
Van Hook Boat Ramps and Docks
Sept 7, 2016

Everything is looking super here.
All ramps are in great shape with
docks for all of them. The water
level is perfect for maximum
protection provided by the
This year Justin has put in a
second U dock and nice ramping
going down the hill to it. Pretty
nice in my opinion.  This is going
to be a fantastic year at Van
Lake Sakakawea Water Levels
Sept 7, 2016

The lake level is slowly dropping at
just over 1838.8 msl.  Inflow has
dropped to only 1200 cfs, with
20,000 cfs going out. We are also
getting no rain which equates to
falling lake levels. It is about time
for some fall rains to begin, they
would be very welcome by all.
Don't forget, you can keep an eye
on the water levels by checking the
corps web site at  
U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers: Missouri River
Basin, Water Management
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Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
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Van Hook Walleye Fishing Report
Sept 7th, 2016

Fishing is still pretty good. Now is the fall season and time to change tactics. In the
river the fish are moving but not hard to find. Work shoreline structure in 14 to 16 feet
of water with spinners or lindys. Really nice fish over there. In the Van Hook Arm,
things are a little more difficult, yet more rewarding. Start fishing deep structure,
meaning from 35 to 45 feet of water using jigs, lindys with minnows, or better yet try
some blade baits. Find the bait using your electronics, look for hooks in or around the
bait, then get after them.  The fish are everywhere, use your electronics to find them,
The summer was really good fishing, with not many tough days. I'm finished guiding
for the summer, but will be on the water now and then. We're taking reservations for
next summer with quite a few dates already reserved. If you have a specific date you
would like to vacation, please get  in touch with us soon so we can get you on our
calendar. Look out walleye!
If you see us on the water, come on over and say hi. Most of all, be safe out there!
See you on the water!