"North Dakota Guided Walleye Fishing at its Finest!"
Van Hook Guide Service North Dakota Walleye Fishing
Loyal customers smiling and having fun catching walleye is the best part of the guiding experience. Many customers and their Van Hook walleye
fishing days are featured throughout the site, especially in the photo gallery pages. If you have never had the opportunity to fish for walleye on
Lake Sakakawea, or if you want to hone your walleye fishing techniques, join us Van Hook-style. Now is the perfect time to book your reservation.
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Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, ND
Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
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Whether you are looking for the
ultimate North Dakota walleye
fishing vacation or just a relaxing
day of Lake Sakakawea guided
walleye fishing with family and
friends, the Van Hook Guide
Service is the answer. Profession-
ally guided walleye fishing is what
you deserve and is exactly what
you get with the Van Hook Guide
Would you like to have a great time catching beautiful and tasty walleye? Bring your family, friends, fishing
buddy, customers, clients, or just come alone for a great day on the water. You will catch fish and have
them professionally filleted and prepared for your trip home.
The Van Hook Guide Service is always ready to meet your needs, put you on the best fish possible, and
assure your comfort and safety. Everyone deserves to have a Lake Sakakawea guided walleye fishing
experience Van Hook-style.
So come join the Van Hook Guide Service, on the beautiful Van Hook Arm of North Dakota's Lake
Sakakawea, for what will be your greatest North Dakota guided walleye fishing adventure!